Comprehensive School Safety Framework – GADRRRES

In the face of growing risks–and their interconnectedness and compounding impacts–for children and learners globally, GADRRRES initiated the update of the CSS Framework in November 2020 with the aim to strengthen the collaboration and collective impact of humanitarian and development actors involved in education-related planning processes.The Comprehensive School Safety Framework 2022-2030 was released in June 2022.

The purpose of the CSSF 2022-2030 is to provide strategic guidance to duty bearers and their partners to promote safe, equitable and continuous access to a quality education for all. The CSSF takes an “all-hazards, all-risks” approach, including, natural and climate-change induced hazards, technological hazards, biological and health hazards, conflict and violence as well as everyday dangers and threats. The CSSF is aligned with the SDGS and other relevant global frameworks for child rights and child protection.