Protect Education from Conflict and Violence

Samarre, Haiti

Samarre Marcelin Tecier’s inspiring journey begins in the heart of Haiti, in the vibrant city of Hinche, where she was born and nurtured within a community rich in culture and tradition. At just 15 years old, Samarre’s life encapsulates the essence of resilience, leadership, and the undying hope for a brighter future for her nation.

The transition from her birthplace in Hinche to living in a center run by the Salesian sisters in Port-au-Prince marks a significant chapter in her young life, one that has been both challenging and transformative. At La Saline Salesian School, Samarre and 59 others were trapped for three days amid violent clashes that echoed through the streets of Port-au-Prince. During this harrowing ordeal, Samarre emerged as a beacon of hope and courage, providing comfort and leadership to her peers in the face of fear and uncertainty.

The crisis at the school did not dampen Samarre’s spirit; instead, it fueled her resolve to advocate for peace and the rights of children in Haiti. The successful evacuation of the students, facilitated by UNICEF and its partners, was a turning point for Samarre, exposing her to the critical role of international organizations in safeguarding the lives and futures of children caught in crises.

Samarre’s experiences and her remarkable response to adversity caught the attention of UNICEF Haiti. On World Children’s Day 2023, she was chosen to serve as the Representative of UNICEF Haiti, a role that she embraced with both pride and a profound sense of responsibility. On that day, Samarre issued a poignant call to action for peace and the protection of children’s rights within her tumultuous nation. “All we children want is peace”, she proclaimed, articulating a simple yet profound plea that resonated deeply. In her message to UNICEF’s partners and friends, Samarre vividly highlighted the daily fears and struggles faced by Haitian children, from the violence that disrupts their education to the health crises that plague their communities. Her compelling appeal underscored the urgent need for collective action to ensure a safer, more nurturing environment for Haiti’s youth.