Latest News - A statement from the EiE Hub members

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Latest News - highlighting disproportionate impacts of climate change on education of crisis-affected and displaced children

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Latest News - Humanitarian Networks & Partnerships Week

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Education in emergencies is an urgent need

Located in the world’s humanitarian capital, the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies is ideally placed to effectively elevate the educational needs of children and youth in emergencies, protracted crises and displacement, ensuring it is made a top priority before, during and after crises. The EiE Hub also links education with other sectors relevant for EiE as well as with development and peace actors.

The Geneva Global Hub for EiE: a unique opportunity for outreach and partnership

The Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies engages with humanitarian and development organizations, governments, academia, the private sector and other stakeholders to promote coordinated thinking and efforts in support of Education in Emergencies, including by hosting or supporting events.

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