Education Cannot Wait High-Level Financing Conference

16 - 17 February, 2023

© UNICEF/UN043960/Holt

The Education Cannot Wait High-Level Financing Conference – co-hosted by ECW and Switzerland, and co-convened by Colombia, Germany, Niger, Norway, and South Sudan – will be the opportunity for leaders to turn commitments into action, by making substantive funding contributions to ECW that will help turn dreams into reality for the children left furthest behind in crises.

The event agenda can now be reveiwed on the conference web page.

EiE Hub is providing support to preparations for the conference, including the organization of plenary and parallel sessions and coordination with civil society, diplomatic and academic communities in Geneva and beyond. The EiE Hub is closely involved with the lead-up and will remain involved with the execution and follow-up to this key moment for the EiE community in Geneva and worldwide.

The EiE Hub will continue to galvanise EiE Hub members and partners, leverage engagement, and influence stakeholders in the lead-up to and follow-on from the ECW High-Level Financing Conference in February 2023, and on the path towards the next Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in December 2023.