Roundtable on Self-Reliance

29 November, 2021

Virtual, by invitation.

The roundtable on self-reliance was comprised of three panels focusing on inclusion and resilience, peaceful coexistence, and protection, asking speakers and participants to reflect on what has been achieved and what remains to be done.

The Roundtable on Self-Reliance, with its first panel on Inclusion and Resilience, had specific focus on Education. Thematic speakers analyzed the importance of inclusion, and how it helps to support individual, community and national resilience across the three thematic areas of Education, Jobs and Livelihoods, and Health. The panel began by providing a personal narrative from a refugee health worker on how these important areas have contributed to their personal resilience, and that of their community. Thematic speakers then defined the importance of inclusion, outlining the progress made by the GRF pledges in enhancing inclusion and resilience with reference to national systems. They provided an overview of the main findings from the thematic stock-takings, the key successes to date and highlighted where gaps or challenges have emerged. The refugee speaker closed the session providing a strong call to action for pledging entities on what will be required in the lead-up to the next GRF.  By the end of the session, a clear snapshot of progress in pledges across the three sectors were provided, along with concrete suggestions of where further investments are required, which helped frame the discussions and outcomes for the High Level Official Meeting that took place December 14th and 15th as a hybrid event. Agenda and FAQs on the HLOM are posted on UNHCR’s webpage.  The roundtables were held virtually to accommodate a large number of participants from the international community.