Transforming Education Summit – September 2022

19 September, 2022

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The Transforming Education Summit will take place on 19 September 2022 in New York.

Recognizing that education is a human right and a foundation for peace, tolerance, other human rights and sustainable development, the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General is convening world leaders for a Transforming Education Summit (TES) on Monday 19 September 2022, as a key milestone in the advancement of Our Common Agenda. The Summit will be preceded by engagements on Mobilization and Solutions on Friday, 16 and Saturday, 17 September respectively, in which ministerial-participation is encouraged. The Summit is being convened in response to a global crisis in education – one of equity and inclusion, quality and relevance. Often slow and unseen, this crisis is having a devastating impact on the futures of children and youth worldwide with progress towards the education-related Sustainable Development Goals badly off track. If unaddressed, its negative impacts on our collective pursuit of peace, justice, human rights and sustainable development will be felt for decades to come.

The main expected outcomes of the Summit are:
1) National and international commitments to transform education;
2) greater public engagement around and support for transforming education; and
3) a A Vision Statement on Transforming Education from the Secretary-General.

The Secretary-General’s Vision Statement will be formally submitted as an input to intergovernmental negotiations on the future of education as part of the preparations for the proposed UN Summit of the Future. It will also inform the work of the SDG4-Education 2030 High-Level Steering Committee in order to ensure effective follow-up at all levels.

Programme Overview

A Leaders Day will be held on Monday 19 September, from 10:00 to 19:00 (New York EDT). Summit engagement days will be held on Friday 16 September (Mobilization Day) and Saturday 17 September (Solutions Day) at UN Headquarters.

16 September: Mobilization Day
The Mobilization Day will be youth-led and youth-organized and will involve the full participation of a wide range of stakeholders. It will serve to convey the collective recommendations of youth on transforming education to decision and policymakers, informed by the Summit Youth Declaration. It will also focus on mobilizing the global public, youth, teachers, civil society and others to support the transformation of education across the world. Ministers and Member State delegations are actively encouraged to participate in these engagements. Further details will be provided in due course.

17 September: Solutions Day
The Solutions Day will provide a platform for partners to mobilize support to launch or scale up initiatives connected to the Summit Thematic Action tracks. Coalitions for action or other multi-stakeholder initiatives that will contribute to transforming education will be presented. Member States are encouraged to co-organize sessions and events on 17 September. A call for proposals to organize events and meetings on 17 September has been launched and can be accessed on the Summit website.

19 September: Leaders Day
Leaders Day will be dedicated to the presentation of National Statements of Commitment by Heads of State and Government in the form of Leaders Roundtables. A limited number of thematic sessions will also be held to place a focus on cross-cutting priorities for transforming education. Leaders Day will also feature presentation of the Summit Youth Declaration and the Secretary-General’s Vision Statement for Transforming Education.

Tthere are four Thematic Action Tracks to spotlight the following areas that require greater attention and action and that can accelerate progress on education as part of the 2030 Agenda and transform education.
1) Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools
2) Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession
3) Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development
4) Digital learning and transformation
5) Financing of education

The EiE Hub and its members were actively engaged with all tracks in the lead-up to the Pre-Summit on 28-30 June, 2022.

The Summit is being prepared through a focused, intensive, and inclusive preparatory process that is built from the ground up, responds to member state priorities and ensures the meaningful engagement of young people and the full set of education stakeholders. It is being advanced across three intersecting and reinforcing workstreams.

Learn more about the consultations and actions tracks at the Transforming Education Knowledge Hub here.