Media Kit: Unlocking Futures – seven key insights on education in emergencies an updated look at financing of education in emergencies

This downloadable social media kit contains background details, key messages, links to related resources to download, and contacts for partners to share about the EiE Hub’s new financing update.


The Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies (EiE Hub) just published a new analysis that takes in the latest developments and trends in financing for education in emergencies (EiE, including challenges and opportunities). The analysis follows on from the EiE Hub’s 2022 flagship report on financing for EiE. 

The study identified seven key insights which should guide all those working to address the chronic underfunding of education in crisis contexts, summarised in a short, 14-page paper. These include four persistent challenges that explain why EiE continues to be underfunded and not prioritised as highly as other sectors, and three opportunities to mobilise more funding for EiE. 


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Seven Insights:

Persistent Challenges

  • Humanitarian funding for education decreased in 2023—interrupting more than a decade-long trend of yearly increases.
  • The countries where children’s education is at greatest risk are the most underfunded in terms of humanitarian funding.
  • The 2024 Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) – the main consolidated, UN-led global humanitarian appeal – saw a downward revision of education financial requirements, due to ‘boundary setting’.
  • Despite policy commitments, education is not being prioritised in OCHA-managed humanitarian funds.

Opportunities to address the EiE funding gap

  • Global education funds remain a key catalyst for mobilising additional EiE funding.
  • There is still potential for expanding nexus funding approaches for EiE.
  • There is significant untapped potential for climate finance investment in EiE.

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