Share your Insights: Survey on Climate Change and Education in Emergencies

Recognizing the critical nature of the climate crisis, which threatens children and youth’s right to education, particularly in emergency settings, the EiE Hub has commissioned its 2023 Annual Flagship Report on the interplay between climate change and education in emergencies – a unique opportunity for the 43 members to speak with one voice on this pressing matter. An important survey is being done to feed into this research commissioned by the EiE Hub. 

We value the perspectives of education in emergencies practitioners, actors in related fields, policy and decision-makers, academics, teachers and – especially – children and young people aged 15-24, who each play crucial roles in addressing these issues.

Please participate in this survey, and share it widely with your partners and networks. In doing so you can help gather insights which will be used to advocate for better support, funding and resources for education in emergencies and climate change mitigation efforts, ensuring that EiE and climate change become a priority on the international agenda (including ahead of COP28 and the Global Refugee Forum).

A huge ‘Thank You’ for sharing this survey widely, and filling it in yourself, before Friday 21 July. You can start by clicking one of the buttons on the right to select the appropriate survey. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.