How to Become a Member

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Membership is open to governments, non-governmental organisations, UN agencies, networks, academic and other institutions with a link to Geneva1 who are committed to the EiE Hub’s vision and mission and fulfil the below criteria.

Members must meet the following criteria:

1 Examples of ‘links with Geneva’ include but are not limited to a strong relationship with Geneva actors or activities; a leading membership role of a Geneva-based organisation or initiative; active participation in Geneva’s policy dialogues or human rights mechanisms, events or advocacy with Geneva actors; and/or having staff physically present in Geneva.

Members have the responsibility to:

How can my entity become a member?

Interested entities that meet the membership criteria should submit an application via the following online form.


Application Form
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How can a State co-sign the pledge and become a member?

The Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies is open to all Member States on the following basis:
1) Member States may co-sign the GRF pledge and become a member of the EiE Hub by expressing interest to co-sign the pledge to the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies Secretariat.
2) Co-signatories are expected to support the EiE Hub’s mission, function and modalities as set out here.