How to Become a Member

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Membership is open to any government , non-governmental organisation, civil society organisation, UN agency, networks, academic and other institution with a link to Geneva1 who is committed to its vision and mission and fulfils the below criteria.

Members must meet the following criteria:

1 Examples of ‘links with Geneva’ include but are not limited to a strong relationship with Geneva actors or activities; a leading membership role of a Geneva-based organisation or initiative; active participation in Geneva’s policy dialogues or human rights mechanisms, events or advocacy with Geneva actors; and/or having staff physically present in Geneva.

Members have the responsibility to:

How can my organisation become a member?

Interested entities that meet the membership criteria should submit an application via the following online form.

If the application meets the membership criteria, the new member will be requested to submit a letter of commitment, signed at Principal/Senior Level.

Application Form
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How can a State co-sign the pledge and become a member?

The Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies is open to all Member States on the following basis:
1) Any State may co-sign the GRF pledge and become a member of the Geneva Global Hub for EiE by expressing its interest to co-sign the pledge to the Geneva Global Hub for EiE Secretariat.
2) Co-signatories are expected to support the EiE Hub’s mission, function and modalities as set out here.