Linking Health & Education to Prevent and Respond to Violence Against Children

11 April, 2022

Schools provide a unique setting for violence prevention initiatives, yet, an estimated 246 million girls and boys globally continue to experience some form of violence in and around schools. With the global pandemic, many existing violence prevention initiatives within schools and School Health Services (SHS) were disrupted and as children begin to return to school, there needs to be an integrated effort to build safer learning environments where all girls and boys can learn and thrive.

Furthermore, schools in emergency settings experience additional challenges in providing safe learning environments and school-based health services for young girls and boys. With this in mind, Safe to Learn, WHO and the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies have organized the “Linking Health and Education to Prevent/Respond to Violence Against Children” webinar, with the objective to further understand the role of the health sector in preventing violence against children and promote dialogue and knowledge sharing between the education and health sector.

–To highlight the role of the health sector in preventing and responding to violence against children,
in and through schools, which is an important opportunity to put into practice the multi-sectoral
approach to violence prevention as well as the humanitarian-development nexus.
–To promote dialogue, information sharing and reflection between health and education in emergencies
communities and beyond.

Chloë Fèvre, Safe to Learn, Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children – Moderator
Sabine Rakotomalala, Violence Prevention, WHO – WHA Resolution and School-based Violence Prevention Handbook
Leanne Riley, Monitoring and Reporting, WHO – Global School Based Health Survey
Valentina Baltag, Adolescent Health, WHO – The role of school health services in preventing violence
Aga Khan Foundation, Supporting early learners in challenging circumstances