The Safe Schools Declaration – from Oslo towards the Abuja Conference: making commitments a reality

28 May, 2021

Six years after the Safe Schools Declaration was launched at the first International Conference on Safe Schools in Oslo, 108 states have now endorsed it. The Declaration is an important political commitment to protect education in armed conflict.

This event shared information with Permanent Missions in Geneva, UN agencies and NGOs about the Abuja Conference, while highlighting progress in implementing the Safe Schools Declaration on its sixth anniversary. In line with the theme of the Conference, “Ensuring Safe Education for All: From Commitment to Practice,” good practice in protecting schools and education were discussed. States were also encouraged to both announce their endorsement, as well as share examples of good practice at the Abuja Conference.

The following Abuja Conference was held on 25 –27 October, 2021. The Conference took stock and reviewed progress made in implementing the Safe Schools Declaration and the Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use During Armed Conflict, as well as encouraged more Member States to endorse it.