2023 Annual Progress Report

Faced with the under-prioritisation and underfunding of education in emergencies (EiE), and given the magnitude of the EiE challenge, the members of the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies (EiE Hub) have come together to form a strong alliance of diverse States and organisations to step up visibility, political and operational commitments, and funding for EiE. At this critical moment for education in emergencies, we must broaden alliances and join forces to address underfunding and under-prioritisation of EiE in tangible ways.

To this end, the EiE Hub members’ pledge made at the 2023 Global Refugee Forum (GRF), “Working Together to Ensure the Education of Refugee, Displaced, and Crisis-Affected Children and Youth”, facilitates engagement and collaboration with Member States and other stakeholders, making a joint commitment to ensure the education of refugee, displaced and crisis-affected children and youth.

Following from the renewed pledge, the EiE Hub members will make use of their strengths and complementary capacities to build on the success and achievements of previous years. The members will collaborate across sectors and the nexus, and jointly advocate for continuous, safe and inclusive education for refugee, displaced and crisis-affected children and youth.

The EiE Hub members will continue to harness International Geneva’s potential to elevate EiE on the global agenda, as well as in national and international policies. These agendas must meaningfully address the critical need for education in emergencies and contribute to creating more resilient education systems.

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